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Doors is an art-style story game that is based around depression and anxiety, focusing on how they effect people being able to achieve goals or dreams that they may have. This game itself is my way of trying to deal with the constant thoughts of not being good enough to create something that would be deemed "successful", something that I believe to have set me back in life.

I hope that this game will not only help me to deal with these thoughts, but getting them out there in the form of this game, but also help others by showing them that they are not alone in these thoughts and that through perseverance and constant self-improvement any goal is achievable.

If you have or have had similar thoughts to those portrait in the game, please do not feel like you are alone, there is always someone out there who is willing to help.


Doors-V1-2.rar 30 MB

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That was pretty fun. Please make more stuff like this, I'd love to see where you can take it.


A very insightful game! Just goes to show, you only fail if you stop. I love the special message at the end. Don't ever give up!!